Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Indians, Happy Navratri ! Happy Durga Puja ! Happy Kali Puja ! Happy India ! Happy Bharat.! : #India #Indians #Bharat #Namo #Modi #Navratri

Dear Friends, Happy Navratri, Happy Mahashtami. Prays PM Narendra Modi stay healthy, do more for common man Indians.
My 16 month long hiatus from blogging is prefect if you know the reason. Five years had a tough on-line campaign for Namo. Once BJP-NDA Ministry was sworn in, we had to give some time to see PM and NDA team's performance.
Now onwards "Bharatiyajan" blog will come daily, centered on that day and times most crucial issues plaguing the nation.
Wishing the best of times to all Indians, Bharatiyajan and the Hindustani's.


Mr & Mrs Sateash Jain

email : bharatiyajan@gmail.com