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A Lucky Indian Prove To Hold 56 Inch Chest. ABP News TV Media Forced To Send Apology. Defending Hindu Dharma, Defending Culture : #Hindu: #Hinduism: #PaidMedia #India

Dear Friends,

You may agree, it's difficult to tame the rogue media. But one not only tamed, but forced ABP News TV to withdraw offending video, apologize in writing. Please read on.

Sateash Jain

Write to me:

Anand Latwal,
Asst Vice President,
ABP News.

Dear Anand,

Satisfied with your response.

Keep ABP news unbiased.

With Warm Regards,

Sateash Jain.

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 1:34 AM, Anand Latwal wrote:

Mananiya Shri Sateash ji,

We sincerely acknowledge the receipt of your mail regarding the said 'Namayana' video.  We would like to clarify that the said 'Namayana' video, in any of its form, either full or abridged was not run in any of our channels, nor was it posted in any of our websites.  However, it became viral in the digital platform.  We understand that it has hurt the sentiments of many Hindus.

We would like to humbly explain that ABP News is a responsible and un-biased News Broadcaster and that it was not our intention to hurt the religious sentiments, insult personal faiths and also not to insult or demean Hindu religious and Godly figures.  However, since it has hurt your religious sentiments and can be seen as derogatory to Hindu religion, we offer our sincere and unconditional apology for this.

On the same breadth and towards this, we have withdrawn the said video from the digital platform in totality and are also taking all possible steps and measures within our control, so that its viral spread in the web network is limited and stopped.

Most Sincerely,

Anand Latwal  |  AVP – Admin & Regulatory Affairs
ABP News  |  mobile +91 9810105566  |  email :
From: Sateash Jain []
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 10:12 PM
To: sales; Anand Latwal
Subject: For your kind attention and prompt action from Sateash Jain

Respected Sir,

I wish to express my opinion regarding topic referred here :
This programatic email is sent to you in order to share my opinion for your attention and action and it is published on link referred above.

My opinion :
Abhorable conduct.
Must apolozise to Hindus.
If not, ABP TV must prepared to face mass protest.
Appeal in courts to cancel brodcasting license.

Sateash Jain
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Video: Candle light Protest against injustice to Pakistani Hindus, #Rinkle Kumari at Jantar mantar,New Delhi, India.

Key speakers : BJP MP Sri Tarun Vijay and Senior RSS Leader Sri Indresh Kumar.
Protest against injustice with Pakistani Hindus, Jantar mantar, Delhi - YouTube

Picture Gallery. | "Save #Rinkle and Hindus in Pakistan" candle light march in New Delhi. Chief Guests, BJP MP Tarun Vijay and Senior RSS Leader Indresh Kumar.

Meeting venue before start of the meet for ensuring safety of Rinkle Kumari.
The function was organized by Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. The first initiative for the  candle light protest was taken by your own Sateash Jain thru his twitter blog @actindia

Key Sindhi Samaj leader addressing the gathering.
Former Panchajanya Magazine editor and BJP MP Tarun Vijay  briefing the gathering on the plight of hindus in Pakistan.

Shri Tarun Vijay, BJP MP at Save Rinkle Kumari Meet and Candle Light  March.

BJP MP Tarun Vijay answeing a specific query for Visa to abducted girl Rinkle Kumari's family,as their life is in danger in Pakistan.

Very Senior RSS Leader Indresh with his forceful oratory asked  to work towards uniting all under one
Hindu Umbrella. Divided as only unity will help to ensure safety of hindus anywhere in the world,incl Pakistan.

Beginning of the candle light march to save Rinkle Kumari and Hindus in Pakistan.

On move,candle light march protest.

19 years old Rinkle Kumari,daughter of a poor hindu teacher  was abducted  in Sindh ,Pakistan. Two more hindu girls Lata and Asha was abducted. Rinkle was raped, converted and married off by force. Shockingly Pakistan Supreme Court handed over the girls to muslim abductors, without a proper hearing of the girl and her parents side. Her current status is unknown. 

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No country for Pakistani Hindus!!! « Save #Rinkle campaign - Proud2bahindu's Blog

No country for Pakistani Hindus!!! « Proud2bahindu's Blog

To make govt work, public pressure too is required. Hence join save #Rinkle campaign - » BJP wants the Government to Intervene in the Alleged Atrocities on Hindus Living in Pakistan. | |

Raajneeti » Blog ArchiveBJP wants the Government to Intervene in the Alleged Atrocities on Hindus Living in Pakistan. | |

Save #Rinkle. Safety for Pak Hindu's - Nation wide candle light protest on 20/05/2012-7PM -Persecution of Hindus in Pakistan - Wikipedia

Persecution of Hindus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Persecution of #Pakistan's Hindus | Save #Rinkle Campaign

Persecution of Hindus | News

BJP Win 2014 Daily

BJP Win 2014 Daily

Bail for Raja doesn't mean the case is closed: BJP - YouTube

Bail for Raja doesn't mean the case is closed: BJP - YouTube

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#Elections2014 Lest India Forget Series - 01: #CongressKeScams Corruption : Sibal Nama ! A Hilarious Look on 2G Scam : #2G #Scam #PaidMedia #NaMo #NaMo4PM #NaMo4India

 He had everything going for him.An exceptionally renowned lawyer of Supreme Court,he entered Politics just for the heck of it. But ended up in defending the indefensible. Corruption in 2G has been acknowledged by Hon'ble Supreme Court.Should accept the harsh reality,As a native, I still respect you.Leave the cesspool of Politics and get back your tarnished name.Few relevant cartoons.