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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Republic Day India ! Ganatantra Diwas Ki Hardik Shubh Kaamnayen ! #HappyRepublicDay #India

Vande Mataram ! Happy Republic Day Friends and India !

Today our constitution faces the greatest threat from corrupt elements and corrupt 


Not to forget the Congress party sired and supported Anarchists Allied Party. 

But there is a shining hope, a glimmering ray of light. 

Elections 2014 will surprise the world with the record-shattering victory of BJP 

led by Narendra Modi. 

We are heading to gain India's second independence from the alien dynasty in 

Polls 2014. 

India overwhelmingly trust the common man NaMo to revive the Idea of India. 

A developed, transformed, resurgent India. 

An India which is ready to take its rightful position among the comity of the World 


Yes, We Can ! We Can be the World No.1 Nation. 

But for that, We Need to , Vote For India !

Jai Hind !

Monday, May 21, 2012

Picture Gallery. | "Save #Rinkle and Hindus in Pakistan" candle light march in New Delhi. Chief Guests, BJP MP Tarun Vijay and Senior RSS Leader Indresh Kumar.

Meeting venue before start of the meet for ensuring safety of Rinkle Kumari.
The function was organized by Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha. The first initiative for the  candle light protest was taken by your own Sateash Jain thru his twitter blog @actindia

Key Sindhi Samaj leader addressing the gathering.
Former Panchajanya Magazine editor and BJP MP Tarun Vijay  briefing the gathering on the plight of hindus in Pakistan.

Shri Tarun Vijay, BJP MP at Save Rinkle Kumari Meet and Candle Light  March.

BJP MP Tarun Vijay answeing a specific query for Visa to abducted girl Rinkle Kumari's family,as their life is in danger in Pakistan.

Very Senior RSS Leader Indresh with his forceful oratory asked  to work towards uniting all under one
Hindu Umbrella. Divided as only unity will help to ensure safety of hindus anywhere in the world,incl Pakistan.

Beginning of the candle light march to save Rinkle Kumari and Hindus in Pakistan.

On move,candle light march protest.

19 years old Rinkle Kumari,daughter of a poor hindu teacher  was abducted  in Sindh ,Pakistan. Two more hindu girls Lata and Asha was abducted. Rinkle was raped, converted and married off by force. Shockingly Pakistan Supreme Court handed over the girls to muslim abductors, without a proper hearing of the girl and her parents side. Her current status is unknown.